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About me

HI! I’m Sean and I am a student studying Mechanical Engineering and working as an undergraduate research assistant. I would describe myself as easy-going and nerdy. I used to be super into video games in middle and high school but my new hobbies have taken its place–and holy shit, thank god for that. I have way too many passions and hobbies, some of them include tennis, piano, writing, and of course–fashion. I strongly identify with the way I dress because I believe it reflects my personality. I started changing my style(or lack of style) at the end of sophomore year in high school and went heavily into a J.Crew/Business casual phase. I remember browsing the fashion forums and gawking at all their cool outfits, slick hairstyles, and manly poises. I took all the advice given to me and spent my month’s income on H&M clothing that actually fell apart before I outgrew them. The only clothing piece that lasted were a pair of blue skinny jeans that were so skinny, they looked like leggings on me, and that was not a good look because I was toothpick thin. If I could go back in time and change one thing in my life, I would visit my old self at H&M, slap him, take those horrendously skinny blue jeans out of his shopping bag, and throw them in a fire. In my new transformation I became known for my shiny hair and colorful pants. When I entered college, my style completely changed because I was exposed to many cultures and students from around the world. My peacock-like outfits eclipsed into a shadowy sea of blackness. I admit–I was wearing too much black at first, but I eventually learned how to reincorporate color!


If you should know one thing about me, it is that I strive to be the best I can be in everything that I do. For example, when I started playing pool(the one you play with a stick!!!) I watched hours of theory videos and practiced endlessly everyday running drills and making the same shots over and over. Materialistically, I always want the best. I have to have the best car, best clothing, best writing utensils, etc. I will pour hours of focused research into finding the ideal object for me and weigh the costs versus benefits. Often times, I have more fun researching about the item than actually using it. Like when I built my first computer, I spent months pooling money and putting together the grand parts list, but when I finished assembling it I thought to myself, “well, that was fun. What now?” I also greatly enjoy being the person people come to looking for recommendations and advice. And that’s the reason for creating this website–to give you informed opinions and advice on clothing–and maybe show off a little while I’m at it.
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