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Blacked Out on Black Friday | OOTD 2

Black friday was a little of a let down for me. I came in expecting crazy steals like last year, but I was met with pennies off retail price and free water bottles.

My brother, my friend, and I went into the city and hit up the major designer retailers and boutiques. The first stop was Saks and all they had were clothing racks littered with tacky clothing still priced at disgusting numbers. Who would pay $100 for a ‘Palm Angels’ t shirt? In fact, who even is the demographic for this brand that I have never seen anyone wear?

I greatly enjoy walking around and observing peoples’ outfits. There was a moment walking on the street and we pass by a group of Chinese hypebeasts decked out in designer clothing. I turn my head to look at their ostentatious clothing and mentally name all their brands. They pass us and my brother looks back to see their clothing and he notices that one of them turns around to look at us.

Barney’s was next and their sale rack had a good amount of Saint Laurent and Givenchy clothing. The notable was the 2017 grey teddy bomber for $1,400. The last one was coincidentally my size and I really considered it, but ultimately did not pull the trigger because I rather have the black one.

We went to other shops that held mediocre sales or even no sale at all. Despite going home without purchasing anything, I rather be empty handed than with an empty wallet.

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