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$5000 Saint Laurent Shearling Aviator Jacket Review

My first ever post on this site will be this review of a $5000 jacket. Good way to start huh? Saint Laurent is one of the most talked about brands right now. Its name is echoed in rap songs with rappers boasting about their fame and money by using Saint Laurent as a standard to their social-economic standing. The most notable is 21 Savage who goes as far as to proclaim himself as the ‘Saint Laurent Don.’


Flight jackets, though not as popular as their bomber counterparts, are still around today. Their simple design, thermal properties, and undying hype are just some of the reasons why people continue to wear them today. The flight jacket originates from the military over a century ago. Pilots needed a jacket that could keep them warm in the open cockpit so the military designed highly insulated jackets and it to them. These flights jackets had elasticized cuffs at the wrist and waist and a slim design.



Saint Laurent presents their interpretation of the flight jacket with flair and character while still staying true to its military roots. Saint Laurent released this as part of their FW15 collection. This design is my second favorite shearling jacket Saint Laurent has released, first would belong to the FW13 coat famously worn by Harry Styles. Every year they release different shearling jackets. This year Saint Laurent re-released this jacket with some changes including a different suede color, full shearling collar, and pocket rotation at the cost of a $500 markup.


The outside of the jacket is suede with a stunning tan color and soft nap. The suede is some of the softest I have ever felt in my life. I brush lightly against the grain and feel the friction against my hand which I can contradictorily describe as buttery. The collar is covered in shearling that leads down inside the full lined jacket. The shearling commands attention. Its light off white color and nappy texture absorbs the light to reveal its natural valleys of loops, bends, and twists. The material is very soft and breathable when worn, yet very warm.

Fit: The jacket fits slim with a short torso and long arms. I would wear a shirt no thicker than a thin sweater inside the jacket because the friction produced by the shearling and the thick layer would be uncomfortable.


Styling: This jacket is such a stand-out piece the rest of the outfit must be more subdued to draw attention to the jacket and let it speak. Here are two outfits that I like with the jacket.


I wore it with a white Acne t-shirt, black destroyed Saint Laurent jeans, and black Churchs Chelsea boots in this photo. I’m breaking my own advice in this photo because I chose to wear these attention-seeking pants. It’s okay because I’m hopping out the whip like a celebrity for those paparazzi shots.


I wore this outfit with a white Acne t-shirt, black Saint Laurent jeans, and common projects shoes. The outfit is very minimal and low-key except for the jacket.



Finally, I add a little bit of flair with the blue distressed Saint Laurent jeans and Golden Goose sneakers.


This jacket is an amazing piece, I believe that this is an item that Saint Laurent collectors must consider adding to their wardrobe. I understand for most people, it is outside their price range so I recommend more affordable alternatives such as this jacket from Uniqlo.
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